Calcium chloride is an ionic compound of calcium and chlorine. It is profoundly dissolvable in water and it is deliquescent. A salt is strong at room temperature, and it acts as a normal ionic halide. It has a few normal applications, for example, saline solution for refrigeration plants, ice and residue control on streets, and in concrete.
Marble Powder
We offer our clients top notch Marble powder. This powder is commended for its splendid sparkle and great compound properties. Our Marble powder is liberated from debasements and free streaming because of its higher mass thickness and explicit gravity.
Calcite Lumps
We offer the top scope of Calcite Lump for our esteemed benefactors. These items are utilized in various purposes on the lookout.
Calcite Powder
We give excellent calcite powder that is a characteristic type of calcium carbonate. Our calcite mineral powder is broadly utilized in different ventures like plastic, paint, elastic, etc. Likewise, we make our white calcite powder under the best assembling conditions so there is no split the difference in their quality.
White Dolomite Powder
We are profoundly capable manufacturers and suppliers most popular for the nature of our handled White Dolomite Powder. It is started as the sedimentary development of calcium carbonate, which is the reason dolomite powder is generally used in the compost business.

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